Cabinet Repair
Cabinet Repair
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Steve’s Cabinet Repair

Cabinets play a central role in the way your kitchen looks and functions. A great set of cabinets can transform a ‘meh’ kitchen into a stylish, ergonomic wonder. But, like everything else, cabinets can get damaged or simply suffer from the effects of age. If you have cabinets that have been damaged or whose hardware has seen better days don’t pay a king’s ransom to replace them, call Steve’s Cabinet Repair instead. Our craftsmen will breathe new life into your cabinets for a tiny fraction of the cost of new ones.

Cabinet Repair: How it Works

If your kitchen cabinets have sustained damage, are showing their age or need new hardware (or some combination of all 3), get in touch with the team at Steve’s Cabinet Repair. When we say “repair” we mean repair, not repainting or staining. That’s another matter altogether. Repairs may entail replacing broken or otherwise damaged doors, upgrading or replacing broken hardware, replacing parts of the cabinet box if it has sustained water damage and so on. It’s important work that will help keep your cabinets - and your entire kitchen - looking great for years to come.


Let’s take a closer look at those services:

  • Repairing damaged doors: If your cabinet faces have sustained structural damage in the form of cracks, gouges or water damage we can repair it. In extreme cases, some of your cabinets may need to be refaced, and we can do that too.
  • Upgrading or replacing broken hardware: Sometimes knobs, handles or pulls can get damaged or the tracks that the cabinet drawers slide in and out on can break down. You may also simply want all your cabinet hardware replaced. We can do that too.
  • Repairing the cabinet box: Cabinets are a lot more than just the face you see when you enter the kitchen. Behind every cabinet face is a cabinet box and these too can get damaged. Perhaps someone doing work in the kitchen busted the sidewall of an end cabinet. Or a leak in the kitchen sink damaged several adjacent cabinet boxes. In either case, we can repair or replace the boxes as needed.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Good Cabinet Repair?

Most companies that supply kitchen cabinet services are focused on the sexy, high-dollar aspect of the business, which means cabinet design and installation. They simply don't want to be bothered with helping you save a few bucks by repairing your existing cabinets. They would rather tell you that your cabinets are beyond repair and sell you a whole new bespoke cabinet array.

At Steve's, we have been helping Colorado homeowners find cost-effective ways to keep their homes looking great and running like a top for decades. We understand that with prices spiraling out of control it is more important than ever to get your money’s worth from every aspect of your home. Repairing or refacing your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them will restore your kitchen to its normal, beautiful state without requiring you to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill.

Repairing Storm Damage

The upside of living in Colorado is the proximity of nature in all its glory. The downside of living in Colorado is the proximity of nature and its destructive potential. Flooding is an all-too-common occurrence and other types of natural disasters, including tornadoes, can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. If your cabinets suffered water damage or part of your home, including the cabinets, was damaged as a result of some other type of extreme weather, don't give up on your cabinets, call Steve’s Cabinet Repair instead.

Our repair service can potentially save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs, not to mention all the hassle that’s typically involved in pulling out all the old cabinets and replacing them. Instead, we will perform targeted repairs that restore your cabinet array to its proper style and function.

Water Damage

If your home was beset by flooding and you are despairing because many of the lower tier cabinets have sustained significant water damage don’t start budgeting for a whole new set of cabinets. Call Steve’s first. If the cabinets can be repaired and/or refaced and restored to their normal look and function we will tell you so and provide a quote. If they cannot be saved we will be upfront with you about that too. Repairing rather than replacing water-damaged cabinets may save you thousands of dollars and months of tribulation.

Why You Should Trust Steve’s Cabinet Repair

We are not newcomers trying to gain a foothold in the Colorado home maintenance and repair market. We have been providing expert carpet care, upholstery and drapery care, air duct cleaning and other important, timely services to area homeowners for nearly 45 years. We have deep roots in the community and have played an important role in helping it grow and prosper.

When you enlist the team at Steve’s for cabinet repair or refacing you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right, and for a price you can afford. We apply the same level of commitment and dedication to our cabinet repair work as we do to every other service we provide.

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If your cabinets are squeaking and squealing when you open them, or they have sustained water or contact damage, or you want to replace all the hardware on your cabinetry, the company to call is Steve’s Cabinet Repair.